What is the GTA?

The Global Tuna Alliance is an independent group of retailers and tuna supply chain companies, who are committed to implementing the objectives laid out in World Economic Forum’s Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration. They work collaboratively with member and non-member organizations to find industry-wide solutions to efficiently implement commitments to:

  • Tuna Traceability
  • Socially responsible Tuna Supply Chains
  • Environmentally Responsible Tuna Sources
  • Government Partnership

In the summer of 2019 Stichting Global Tuna Alliance was incorporated as a foundation under the laws of the Netherlands.

What is the scope of the GTA?

The GTA will initially focus on shelf-stable (i.e. canned and pouched) tuna and fresh & frozen tuna from the following four species: skipjack, yellowfin, bigeye and albacore. These four species are the most commercially important.

The GTA will not initially include bluefin tuna species as the volumes and values are significantly less than the four species above, and the major end markets are not currently represented in the Alliance. In addition, the GTA is currently focussed on wild-caught tuna rather than ranched or farmed operations.

What are the benefits of becoming a GTA partner?

a)     Knowledge & Expertise

The GTA regularly shares information (inc. webinars) on important issues facing partners.  The tuna sector is global in scope with many ongoing issues that can impact tuna sourcing. The GTA has the ability to remain at the forefront of tuna fisheries sustainability (including social responsibility) and ensure GTA partners are fully informed.

b)     Representation & Influence

The GTA has a priority aim of shaping the future of the tuna sector. The GTA already has secured recognition through our collective commercial leverage and we can ensure your voice is heard by engaging with decision-makers (including Regional Fishery Management Organisations (RFMOs)), by contributing to consultation responses, and sharing your views.

c)      Community & Contacts

The GTA offers you the opportunity to meet and connect with professionals involved in tuna fisheries from across the sector including the NGO community.

d)     Professionalism.

Partnership with the GTA demonstrates that you are serious about tuna sustainability leadership.

What is the relationship between the GTA and the World Economic Forum?

The work the GTA will conduct, in collaboration with others, will be pivotal in addressing illegal, unreported and unregulated (“IUU”) fishing through gaining commitments from retailers on transparency in the tuna supply chain, continuing the work the World Economic Forum has already started with the Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration. This work contributes to the delivery of SDG14, the Ocean goal, particularly SDG14.4 that aims at ending illegal fishing by 2020.

By moving these efforts forward together we can help ensure that they reinforce each other. For this, corporate involvement in supply chains is needed to strengthen government action in ports, and vice versa. The Forum believe that supporting the GTA alongside efforts in policy implementation and data management, the Forum can also help ensure that together these efforts build concrete solutions for real transparency, that is essential to ending IUU fishing.

Which companies are members of the GTA?

The GTA is not a membership body; hence we have no members. However, GTA partners are an inclusive constituency of companies and organizations with a major interest in improving the sustainability of the tuna sector, as well as a commitment to actively support Global Tuna Alliance activities.

Partners include companies from food service, retail, brand manufacturer and tuna supplier sectors.

What is the legal status of the GTA?

The GTA is a registered “Stichting”, a Dutch legal entity with limited liability, formed to deliver on the commitments of the Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration.

What is the relationship between the GTA and Friends of Ocean Action?

The World Economic Forum launched The Friends of Ocean Action in January 2018 as a platform for ocean action. This informal, impact-driven group of leaders are fast-tracking solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the Ocean, identified in 8 key action tracks. It operates like a start-up catalyst, offering a platform and multi-stakeholder network to accelerate high-impact solutions for a healthy Ocean.

Previously, in 2017, The World Economic Forum instigated the Tuna Traceability Declaration to which some 60 companies signed up. These two Forum initiatives come together in Friends of Ocean Action track ‘Ending Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing’ which identifies traceability as a critical component to drive out illegal fishing, and further proposes to demonstrate the next generation of seafood traceability through tuna supply chains. They aim to do this by enlisting and securing commitment through the Tuna Traceability Declaration.

Partly in response to this initiative a powerful sub set of private sector actors came together, calling themselves the Global Tuna Alliance. Recognising the need for dedicated resource to lead and drive this critical work the Forum agreed to fund an experienced Executive Director for GTA. The GTA is
now able to lead the Tuna Traceability Declaration signatories to realise their commitments and help meet the ambition of the FOA action track to end illegal fishing.