The Global Tuna Alliance was created as a sector-wide, multi-stakeholder initiative of Partners to build a shared, global, and non-competitive solution to sustainability issues in the global tuna supply chain. It was incorporated as a foundation under the laws of the Netherlands in the summer of 2019.

Our vision is articulated through active engagement with decision-makers in these areas and through GTA Partners’ sourcing practices.

The GTA does not engage in, or develop positions on, gear-specific issues or matters which could act to disrupt the attainment of the GTA mission. The surprising thing about our advocacy is that it’s not NGOs or governments calling to address sustainability challenges, but the market; the retailers who have a shared interest in tuna sales. When the global marketplace for seafood is one of the boldest advocates for sustainable tuna fishing, it makes you stand up and take note.

Our Five Year Strategy

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The GTA’s 5 Year Strategy, launched in 2021, details a roadmap of actions for stakeholders and Partners to follow to realise the Global Tuna Alliance’s vision of a tuna industry which enhances transparency and traceability, environmental performance and social responsibility, in line with our three core pillars.

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