2025 Pledge towards Sustainable Tuna (25PST)


In early 2022 the 2025 Pledge Towards Sustainable Tuna (25PST) was ended.

 We were experiencing significant confusion with prospective new members who struggled to distinguish between 25PST and GTA. In addition, dual-reporting was proving an administrative burden and “Initiative fatigue” was often quoted by companies.

Accordingly, the GTA Management Board and our co-convenors at the World Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action, decided to stop the 25PST.

However, as the 25PST was based upon the GTA 5-Year Strategy we are instead branding the 5-year strategy the “2025 Pledge Towards Sustainable Tuna”. We had lodged 25PST as a UN Ocean Commitment and this is not impacted by this change; we will submit our GTA progress reports each year.