RFMO Engagement

RFMO Engagement

Every year, each of the tuna RFMOs holds a full session where member-states send delegations representing their nation’s interests. It is here where binding agreements can be negotiated to regulate and reform the industry. This is also where the GTA’s advocacy can be at its most impactful.

Using its advocacy positions and considering evidence from the latest scientific research, the GTA will produce a position statement document ahead of the commission meeting. This will be then be sent to the RFMO, representing a list of asks from the supply chain and retailers.

We then construct a campaign around these asks which is implemented in the weeks and months prior to the meeting, putting pressure on delegations to listen to the voice of the market.

Take a look through our overarching asks to RFMOs over the past few years:


Indian Ocean Tuna Commission


Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission


International Commission for the conservation of atlantic tunas


Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

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