Market Statements on Overfished Yellowfin Tuna



The Global Tuna Alliance (GTA), the Tuna Protection Alliance (TUPA) and WWF have developed a joint-campaign ahead of the next meeting of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission IOTC.

The campaign includes a joint-statement expressing our discontent with the ongoing overfishing of Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna, and clearly states our, and our market partners’ asks.

To coincide with the campaign launch, markets partners from GTA, TUPA and WWF have released public-facing statements urging the IOTC to act urgently, and to stop a situation where the market could be driven further away from the Indian Ocean. These can be found below:

Global Tuna Alliance Partners

Norpac Fisheries Export
Princes Group
World Wise Foods
LDH Doria

Tuna Protection Alliance Partners

Auchen Retail
Colruyt Group
Coopérative U Enseigne
Groupement Les Mousquetaires
Lidl France
Princes Group
Horizon Fisheries
Ensis Fisheries
Blueyou Group
Groupe Casino


Bolton Food
Lidl Switzerland
Carrefour Group

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