Social Media – IOTC 2023

Our campaign for IOTC 2023 revolved once again around yellowfin tuna and the market’s efforts to get the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission to rebuild this overfished stock.

Because of the gridlock IOTC have been caught in over the last few years, trying to push through an effective rebuilding plan, a lot of our social media has revolved around familiar themes from previous campaigns.

However, we kicked the campaign off this year with a splash – launching our own brand of “canned tuna” at the Boston Seafood Show to highlight the dire state of yellowfin stock, complete with a totally honest, satirical label. We accompanied the product launch with social media in the week of the grand unveiling.

We then made use of the growing frustration by fellow environmental organisations, TUPA & WWF to unite in a collaborative campaign, bringing the force of all of our market partners together to emphatically demand that yellowfin populations be rebuilt in two generations and to end the misuse of the objections procedure by IOTC delegations that is responsible for stalling progress.

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