Social Media – IOTC 2021

The social media for our IOTC 2022 campaign used the key message of ‘Rebuild the Yellowfin Road’ as its main focal point, with other asks forming the content to support it. The campaign kicked off with quotes and video content communicating the voice of the market, which was captured from our Partners at the IOTC Roundtable event. We introduced the ‘Rebuild the Yellowfin Road’ meme and idea, then stressed the importance that all member states needed to agree.

After speaking with our Partners, it became clear that this campaign should feature real people who would be directly affected by the decisions of the commission meeting. You can see an increased usage of photography of workers in the supply chain, to emphasise the social repercussions of the IOTC outcomes.

Through a range of more technical graphs and figures, alongside visuals and video content, we covered many aspects of the complex meeting through impactful and easy to stand graphics.

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