Social Media – IATTC 2023

Our campaign for IATTC 2023 shifted from last year’s campaign on improving transparency and traceability of the tuna fishing industry in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Instead, our key message was to encourage IATTC to “Manage Your Albacore,”  a reference to the multiple proposals on the table for accelerating harvest strategies for North and South Pacific albacore. Particularly with North Pacific albacore, there was additional pressure coming from the adoption by the WCPFC’s Northern Committee of harvest control rules as part of WCPFC’s own harvest strategy. If IATTC aligned with WCPFC, it would lead to the adoption of the first-ever Pacific-wide harvest strategy.

The social media campaign focused on pushing this message around albacore management procedures, but, instead of just focusing on the market’s perspective, highlighted the importance of these stocks to marine ecosystems, consumers, local economies and the fishing industry. We supported this primary focus with supporting content around the GTA’s other asks in FAD management and Electronic Monitoring.

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