French Retail Powerhouses Rally to Reinforce Global Tuna Alliance’s Push for Sustainability Ahead of IOTC Campaign

The Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) is proud to announce a surge of support from French retailers, marking a monumental step in their mission to drive global change in tuna fisheries. This support comes as they kick off their Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) campaign, aiming to transform the Regional Fisheries Management Organization (RFMO) and enhance sustainable practices within the industry.

As part of this initiative, GTA is excited to introduce the ‘Module Complémentaire’, an innovative pilot designed specifically for French retail partners. This module aims to strengthen sustainability efforts by providing comprehensive surveys of canned tuna sourcing, right down to vessel level details. This data enables partners to identify and mitigate potential risks in their supply chains, helping them to make informed decisions and strengthen their companies’ sustainability practices.

The recent partnership commitments from leading French retailers—Les Mousquetaires, Système U, Lidl, and Casino—represent more than 40% of the food and beverage market share in France and underscore a significant shift towards sustainability. METRO, an existing GTA member, has committed to join the Module Complémentaire for its French stores as well, reinforcing the retail sector’s dedication to environmental responsibility and collaborative efforts to achieve shared sustainability goals.

This collaboration is particularly timely as the GTA looks to address critical issues in the management of Indian Ocean tuna. Current Indian Ocean management plans have proven insufficient for protecting key tuna stocks, leaving them vulnerable to overfishing. The GTA is actively bringing these industry concerns to the forefront of discussions with the IOTC, with a pivotal meeting scheduled later this month.

Daniel Suddaby, Executive Director of the GTA, commented on the new module, stating, 

French retailers demonstrate their serious commitment to sustainability and set a commendable example for others in the industry. For France, with its Réunion department in the Indian Ocean, it is heartening to see such significant support as we commence our IOTC campaign, ensuring that our collective efforts will lead to meaningful and lasting impacts in tuna conservation. We hope the increasingly powerful voice of the market is heard at the up and coming IOTC meeting.”

The launch of the Module Complémentaire not only provides GTA partners with essential tools for sustainable management, but also strengthens their voice in advocating for necessary changes within the RFMO.

As a French citizen, I’m really proud to see such enthusiasm and commitment from our major retailers in embracing sustainability within the tuna supply chain, thanks to the Module Complémentaire,comments Eloïse Fagot, French-based GTA Partnerships & Operations Officer. 

For more information about the Global Tuna Alliance and their initiatives, please visit the GTA website and read more on their IOTC campaign.

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