FRIME, S.A.U. becomes the first Spanish Partner of the Global Tuna Alliance

Barcelona-based seafood supplier, FRIME, S.A.U. has become the first Spanish partner in the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA). The GTA is an independent group of retailers and supply chain companies who work to ensure that tuna ultimately meets the highest standards of environmental performance and social responsibility.

FRIME is a family Business Corporation; a third generation of fishing devotees. Established in 1977, FRIME imports fish from all the oceans around the world and sell over 2000 tons of seafood a month with a sales presence in over 40 countries.

FRIME’s mission is to develop top-quality industrial solutions to meet the needs of tuna consumers. To minimize their ecological footprint, FRIME has established 5 commitments: towards energy efficiency in sustainable fishing, against the waste of materials and for a circular economy, reduction of carbon emissions, against the waste of raw materials and care for the sea and its biodiversity.

Dr Tom Pickerell, Executive Director at the Global Tuna Alliance, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome FRIME into the GTA. It is a real milestone to welcome our first Spanish Partner; Spain is the second largest importer of tuna products[1] and therefore representation from this important market is vital for the GTA.”

Pablo Múgica, General Manager at FRIME, “It’s a pleasure for us to be the first Spanish partner of the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) which, from now on opens alliances in our sector to continue to ensure that tuna meets the highest standards of environmental performance and social responsibility, in line with the values of our company.”

[1] 136,955mt in 2020, behind USA with 260,464mt.

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