Global supply chain unites in support of sustainable tuna fisheries, as Global Tuna Alliance nets tuna processors from Papua New Guinea and the Philippines

Seven more companies have pledged their support to the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA). The accession of Frabelle, RD processing PNG, South Seas Tuna Canning SSTC, Nambawan, International Food Corporation (IFC), Philbest and Majestic Seafoods, to the supply chain coalition sends a clear message to tuna Regional Fishery Management Organisations (tRFMOs) – their slow progress on improving tuna management is prompting the marketplace to unite and speak out on a global scale.

The ever-increasing recognition of the GTA’s vision that tuna ultimately meets the highest standards of environmental performance and social responsibility is capturing the attention of like-minded supply chain companies with a commercial interest in tuna across the world.

The seven new GTA members from the Fishing Industry Association Papua New Guinea (FIA PNG) have a processing capacity of 980mt of whole round tuna a day, and brings the total number of members in the GTA to 47. The addition also means the GTA welcomes their first members from Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

One of GTA’s newest partners, Frabelle PNG, said:

Frabelle PNG Ltd has been operating in PNG for about 20 years and is committed to investing in the country.

“Our dedication and commitment to this country has been exhibited with our initiative to encourage more business players to come and invest in Papua New Guinea (PNG), and to expand and diversify our operations to make our business viable. We’ve joined forces with the government to stop illegal tuna getting to the market, and promoted improvements in the environmental sustainability and human rights of tuna fisheriesIt is a pleasure to join the GTA who share the same values as us”.

Marcelo Hidalgo – Sustainability Director from the FIA PNG said:

“For us it is an important step that our processing factories members engage and join with the GTA, follow their guidance and work towards achieving their commitments. Our Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) fully contains GTA guidance and best practice advice for the tuna sector. We are thrilled they are members of the GTA.”

Dr Tom Pickerell, Executive Director at the Global Tuna Alliance, said:

“The addition of these new companies greatly strengthens the GTA and reflects our desire to be a truly global association. We are excited to work together with the FIA PNG and achieve our shared goal of sustainable and responsible tuna fisheries.”


The Global Tuna Alliance

The Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) is an independent group of retailers and tuna supply chain companies who are committed to achieving more transparent, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable tuna fisheries. Operating over 10,000 stores in 21 countries across five continents, they use their collective purchasing power to influence the policies set out by the tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organisations (tRFMOs).

The Fishing Industry Association Papua New Guinea (FIA PNG) is a non-profit organization founded in 1991, with membership consisting of the fishing companies and seafood processors of Papua New Guinea, our tuna companies members are vertically integrated with 48 tuna purse seiners and 6 processing factories landing tuna in Wewak, Madang, and Lae city; while for transhipment is done in Rabaul port. FIA PNG Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) has a holistic and comprehensive approach for maintaining healthy Marine Ecosystems and look after Labour Conditions on-board and Crew Welfare.

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