Global Tuna Alliance and The Green Fish Company Join Forces Amidst Key ICCAT Meeting

Rupert’s Valley, St. Helena Island, South Atlantic Ocean. 17 November 2023 – As the world’s eyes turn to the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) meeting, the Global Tuna Alliance (GTA) proudly announces its Partnership with The Green Fish Company, nestled in the rugged and remote waters of St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean.

This partnership highlights a striking contrast: on one side, the isolated and pristine environment of St. Helena, where The Green Fish Company aims to become a bastion of sustainable Atlantic tuna processing; on the other, the global stage of ICCAT, where decisions made reverberate through international waters and impact secluded corners of the world like St. Helena.

“The Global Tuna Alliance’s collaboration with The Green Fish Company is a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of local actions and global policies and the tuna stocks that we depend on,” said Daniel Suddaby, Executive Director of the Global Tuna Alliance. “As we participate in the ICCAT meeting this week, we carry with us the voices of retailers and seafood supply chain companies from around the world, now St. Helena’s Green Fish Company as well. In doing so, we advocate for policies that resonate from the remote Atlantic to the world’s largest fishing nations.”

St. Helena, an island of stark beauty and ecological significance, represents the frontline of sustainable tuna fishing. The Green Fish Company’s commitment to responsible practices in such a remote location underscores the global need for sustainable management of tuna fisheries. This is a message the GTA is championing at ICCAT where they are petitioning for multi-annual conservation measures to rebuild the overfished bigeye stock and secure the long-term health of at-risk yellowfin tuna.

“Malcolm Williams, Founder and CEO at The Green Fish Company, stated, “Our partnership with the Global Tuna Alliance at this critical juncture, as ICCAT convenes, is a testament to our shared belief that local sustainability can shape global conservation efforts. From the isolated shores of St. Helena, we are influencing international discussions on tuna management with other like-minded companies.”

As the GTA and The Green Fish Company unite their voices with our other Partners at the ICCAT meeting, they aim to bridge the gap between the rugged, isolated reality of fishing business in St. Helena and the complex, international arena of fisheries management, advocating for a future where both can thrive in harmony.

To learn more about The Green Fish Company and their commitment to sustainability in the unique environment of St. Helena, visit

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