Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd. Partners with Global Tuna Alliance

The Bradford-based seafood importer Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd. becomes the latest partner in the Global Tuna Alliance, an independent group of retailers and tuna supply chain companies, who are committed to implementing the objectives laid out in the World Economic Forum’s Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration.

Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd. formed in December 2010 when Iceland Seafood UK, the UK arm of Iceland Seafood International, acquired F Barraclough Ltd., a Bradford-based fish business which had been in the Barraclough family for three generations.

Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd. is a key processor of high-quality seafood into the UK retail market. Included in ISB Ltd.’s portfolio are several yellowfin tuna products supplied to the retail sector.

Andy Smith, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd., said: “tuna is a naturally renewable resource and if managed responsibly, it can continue to be a major food source for the future of the planet. Without responsible stewardship, tuna may become depleted, reducing overall food provision, damaging ecosystem productivity and harming sensitive marine habitats. It is a priority for Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd. to ensure that all our wild captured fish, including tuna, are sourced responsibly, both to meet our own high standards for corporate social responsibility and to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.

“This is a great opportunity for ISB Ltd. to be actively engaged with the Global Tuna Alliance. We look forward to working with both the retail sector and other like-minded suppliers to make a real difference towards eradicating illegal fishing and ensure both the social and environmental impacts of the tuna industry are addressed,” said Smith.

Dr Tom Pickerell, Executive Director at the Global Tuna Alliance, said: “We are delighted to welcome Iceland Seafood Barraclough Ltd., our first new company beyond the founding partners. I’m looking forward to working with Andy and his team to find industry-wide solutions to efficiently implement the aims of the Global Tuna Alliance.”

Global Tuna Alliance is supported by Friends of Ocean Action, a group of more than 50 global leaders committed to fast-tracking solutions for a healthy ocean.

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