May Partner Spotlight: Meiho Co., Ltd.

We caught up with the Global Tuna Alliance’s first Japanese Partner, Meiho Co., to learn more about their operations, company journey, and reasons for joining the GTA. Read on to learn all about Meiho!


Q: Could you briefly describe your company’s business?

A: Meiho Co., Ltd. operates primarily in the seafood industry, focusing on three key areas: processing of frozen fresh fish, production and sales of delicatessen products, and refrigeration and warehousing services. Our commitment to quality and innovation has helped us develop a robust value chain that ensures the freshness and safety of our products from catch to customer.


Q: When was your company established and how has it developed since then?

A: The seafood processing company was established in 1990, and then in March 2011, after the 311 earthquake, the local tuna industry was fatally blown. In order to survive we had to adapt. So we expanded our operations, which assisted not only us, but the whole region, in re-stabilizing the local tuna market and economy.


Q: What challenges or obstacles has your company faced up to this point?

A: There have been countless challenges and obstacles, but the biggest was the earthquake that destroyed the local industry, which at that time made us unable to compete as a processor. However, we turned things around despite the crisis.


Q: Why did you decide to join the GTA?

A: We hope to explore ways to achieve balance as a Japanese manufacturer in the international community moving forward.


Learn more about Meiho Co. and explore their offerings via their website!

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