Morrison’s Partners with Global Tuna Alliance

Morrisons, the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, becomes the latest partner in the Global Tuna Alliance, an independent group of retailers and tuna supply chain companies, who are committed to supporting improvement in the management of global tuna fisheries.

Morrisons source Skipjack, Yellowfin and Albacore tuna from a range of global fisheries. Since 2014 they have sourced from fisheries that are exclusively pole & line or free from using fish aggregation devices. They have also engaged in written advocacy to RFMO delegated and supported uptake of the ISSF pro active vessel register among their supply chain.

Joe Prosho, Fisheries & Aquaculture Manager at Morrisons said: “The GTA ambitions are admirable, aligned to our own principles for sourcing so partnering with them is a relatively simple decision. We believe the direct engagement with RFMO commissioners has a valuable role to play in driving regulatory progress and is a natural build on work we have already undertaken”

Dr Tom Pickerell, Executive Director at the Global Tuna Alliance, said: “We are delighted to welcome Morrison’s, our first retailer beyond the founding partners. I’m looking forward to working with Joe to support his mission and to efficiently implement the aims of the Global Tuna Alliance.”

The Global Tuna Alliance was established was established in 2017 by companies working to meet the objectives laid out in the World Economic Forum’s Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration. It is supported by Friends of Ocean Action, a group of more than 50 global leaders committed to fasttracking solutions for a healthy ocean.

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