Second Japanese Partner Joins GTA!

In exciting news, the GTA has another new Partner to announce! We were recently joined by Japanese wholesaler, Usufukuhonten!

They share their moving backstory and reasons for joining the GTA here:

“My family has been deeply involved in the fisheries sector since 1882. The Great East Japan Earthquake was a profound reminder that food is often the first and most crucial form of aid, highlighting the essential role our industry plays within the community. It is our responsibility to act and make impactful changes.

Joining the Global Tuna Alliance aligns perfectly with our mission to protect and sustain tuna resources not only for today but for future generations. By collaborating with a global network, we aim to enhance our efforts to support sustainable fishing practices. This partnership helps the recovery and prosperity of the fishing industry and primary industries Japan. The alliance provides a vital platform for us to voice our challenges, share our sustainability strategies, and work collectively towards a more sustainable future.”


GTAに加入することは、マグロ資源を現在だけでなく将来の世代まで守り、持続させるという私たちの使命と完全に一致します。世界的なネットワークと協力することで、持続可能な漁業を支援する取り組みを強化することを目指しています。このパートナーシップは、日本の漁業と第一次産業の回復と繁栄を加速させます。本提携は、私たちが抱えている課題を訴え、持続可能な戦略を共有し、より持続可能な未来に向けて一丸となって取り組むための重要なプラットフォームを提供します. ”

Please join us in celebrating our new Partner and growing engagement in Japanese markets!


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